Why Fall Is The Best Season



In these deeply polarizing times, I wanted to write about something we can all agree on – that fall is the greatest season this planet has to offer. Oh, you don’t agree? Well, fuck you, then.

Sorry for that. I’ve been on edge since January.

Thinly-veiled political jokes aside, I really do believe most of us can get on board with this whole “autumnal equinox” thang.

If you’re #TeamFall like I am (I’m trying to connect with the youth), these next few paragraphs should bring a smile to your face.

If you’re someone who prefers the allergies of the spring, the dreariness of winter, or the sweltering, bug-infested funky sweat bucket of summer to autumn, perhaps this will sway your opinion just a little bit. Or, you may just be an actual fucking maniac.

I know, I know – a piece on why fall is awesome…super original. I’m aware. But you’ll be happy to find out, I won’t be making a half-assed top 10 list, complete with generic, faux-artistic Tumblr images (those faded pictures of wooden coffee tables with leaves on them, and the word “Fall” written in script over it), nor will I make you click through a ridiculous amount of pointless slides (I’m saving those flawless literary techniques for other articles). All you have to do is scroll down and enjoy the feels.

Let’s start with the obvious – them leaves. The most distinguishable aspect of the season.

Who doesn’t love walking or driving through fall foliage? The vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange that give the day itself a warm Snapchat filter. When it’s a sunny day, everything is kissed with a golden flair. On gloomy, rainy days, the wet leaves seemingly increase in color saturation, and the fallen ones provide a stark contrast to the black concrete they’re now glued to.

But it’s more than just the color of the leaves. The weather itself is amazing.

That perfect blend of warm days and chilly nights. Where a hoodie or a knit sweater is enough to get you through the day, and when night falls, you curl up in bed with a hot tea and a good book, windows opened to bring in some of that crisp fall air.

It’s that same crisp air that makes sunsets all the more beautiful (no really, look it up, there’s a science behind why fall sunsets are more vibrant).

So, colorful leaves? Check. Perfect temperatures? Check. Beautiful sunsets? Scientific fact.

But we’re far from over here. There’s way more to this wonderful little season that’s in danger of losing its luster due to climate change.

We haven’t talked about the harvest. Oh, those magical fall crops that provide us with hits such as apple cider, apple butter, pumpkin pie, pumpkin-spiced everything. It feels like 90% of our diet is apple or pumpkin-based between the months of September and November. Where everything is topped with honey, cinnamon, or whipped cream. The smorgasbord of baked goods that take your nose to a special place. Warm, cozy, happy smells that only seem to exist in this season.

And it’s only fitting that these crops (apples, pumpkins, squash, corn) are the same colors as the leaves which softly descend upon them. Fall knows how to match. Fall is fashion forward. That’s another plus for fall.

And speaking of fashion – does it get any better than what we’re socially expected to wear during the season? Knit sweaters, hoodies, plaid flannel button-ups, denim anything, denim everything. Raincoats and boots. Down vests and leggings. Yes, I happen to like that look. Women get viciously attacked for rocking the “basic” style, but to that I say – what would you have them wear? Leave those poor girls alone. (I may or may not be angling to attract such girls)

Nature, food, fashion, and shameless attempts to court women aside – fall has even more elements that make it awesome.

Thanksgiving and Halloween. Boom. I was saving those bombs for the end of this piece.

Now let’s just address the elephant in the room: Thanksgiving is a holiday where we consume food in gluttonous amounts, watch a sport where guys accumulate brain damage with every play, then end the night by spending a fuck-ton of money on products we don’t even need. We also try to sweep under the rug the various atrocities committed against Native Americans.

But what’s more American than engaging in overeating, materialism, and football, while turning a blind eye to historical horrors?

Sorry for the woke-ness (you cannot un-wake yourself), but depressing snark aside – it’s also a day where we spend time with our families, and make precious memories in the process. There is good in the holiday. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit it. Especially since I’m trying to make a case for why fall is undeniably awesome.

Halloween is a holiday where people dress as provocatively as legally allowed, binge watch horror movies, and consume dangerous amounts of candy. I will not be apologizing for any of that, as everything about what I just said is fucking amazing.

So there it is. My reasons for why fall is the best season ever.

The leaves, the smells, the food, the fashion, the holidays.

The drives upstate to farms and harvest festivals.

Watching rain hit your window as you drink a spiced cider tea.

Making memories with loved ones.

Even though that last one can be done in any season, it just feels better when you do it during the fall.

Then again, that’s how everything feels when the autumnal equinox comes our way.